20th October 2012


Mirotin-Energo company has opened first biogas plant in Serbia. Plant is located nearby company “Sava Kovacevic” in Vrbas, also member of Mirotin Group. Total capacity of the plant is one megawatt and it will produce the power from the cattle manure and silage. Gas produced as result from fermentation under special conditions is used as a fuel for producing thermal and electrical energy. Investment is more than 5 million euros, and it has been funded by own equity and commercial loans. Works lasted one year and they included foreign experts. Prime Minister of Republic of Serbia Mr. Ivica Dacic, Prime Minister of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina Mr. Bojan Pajtic have underlined importance of this project.


“I hope this will make positive example in the field of energetic efficiency and motive to change their business to meet potentials which our country has with one goal – to save environment.” Dacic said. “This is the pioneer step for Vojvodina. Our goal is synhronised with European standards – to reach 27% energy from renewable resources. We are currently using only 3%. It means that about 10 milions tons of manure decays and pollutes our environment, instead of using it. Because of that, project of Mirotin company deserves praise and it has economical, energetically and ecological impact” Pajtic said. Company “Sava Kovacevic” with more than 2000 cows and Mirotin-Energo are members of successful Mirotin Groups agricultural system.

Mr. Zdravko Pavicevic, CEO of the Mirotin Group, said that biogas plant is huge step forward in direction of improvement of the business with ecology. “This project could not be realized without state institutions, especialy we thank to Ministry of energetics, which issued all necessary permits in very short time, and gave us the status of privileged producer of electrical energy.” Pavicevic said. After completeness of whole project, biogas plant will have total 4 MW (electrical).