General information about investment

Investor: Mirotin-Energo Ltd.

Beginnig of the construction works: August 15th, 2011

End of the works and celebration opening : October 20th, 2012

Value of the project: 5,8 million euros

Installed power: 1 MW electrical and 1 MW thermal

Biogas production: 4.000.000 m3 (50% CH4)

Project partners: • Biogest Energie und Wasser Technik GmbH (

BOR-ING d.o.o. Kula

Construction company: GIK Inzenjering d.o.o. Kanjiza

Technology supervision: PRO-ING d.o.o. Novi Sad

Financial supervision: SGS Belgrade Ltd.

Fermenter consists of two concentric fermenters with diameters of 40m and 24m respectively which are in the same object as a registered solution provided by Biogest. After fermentation and separation process, solid state is being separated on the platform (81m x 100m), and liquid phase (total 70%) is being stored in the tank (capacity of the tank is 5500 m3). On this tank biogas balloon is installed. Produced biogas is used by CHP unit which is situated in the main building (Jenbacher 416 series). For the purpose of power supply of the plant and for transfer of electrical energy to the grid, substation has been built (20/0,4 kV /1MW).


All necessary equipment for control of the whole plant has been installed in the main building. Planned production of electrical energy is 8,2 million kWh (also same amount of thermal energy). Price for this electrical energy, based on current feed in tariffs, is 14,2 eurocents/kWh. Planned work time period is 8200h/year. For purpose of stabilization of the system, additional natural gas line has been installed. Based on Serbian laws it allowed mixture of natural gas is up to 10% on yearly basis. Heat power is planned to be transferred to local consumers in Vrbas (Hospital and other consumers) and to internal consumers located in “Sava Kovacevic” complex (seed drying). Mirotin-Energo is currently in the process of testing new energy plants for possible exchange of corn silage and increasing the biogas production.


As a part of the object, automatic cleaning of the stalls has been installed (provided by GEA Ltd.). Whole slurry is being cleaned continuously to 4 pits, where from there it is transported to the fermenter by pumps and pipes. Manure is inserted in the fermenter by two input feeding system with capacity of the 80 m3 each. For controlling and measurement automatic scale has been also installed. This scale can be also used for measurement of postfermented mass. Additional measurement has been provided by equipment. For safe operation of the plant all necessary education has been conducted in Serbia and Czech Republic. . System is equipped with sophisticated controlling system and softwares where all parameters of the plant are being constantly monitored and stored.