First Secretary of German Embassy in Serbia Christof Eichen visited today with a delegation of GIZ(Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) which was represented by Mr. Simon Zellner, Mrs. Dunja Hoffmann and KfW Bank in Belgrade represented by Ms. Jasmina Vulović construction site of bio-gas power plant under construction . On that occasion Mr Eichen said that Federal Republic of Germany has allocated over 100 million euros for development of renewable energy projects in Serbia, and that German Embassy is currently in the phase of collecting information in connection with such projects. During this important visit, representatives of the company Mirotin-Energo, briefed the delegation on the status of the project bio-gas plants as well as future projects that the company is preparing for the development of ecological energy resources. The delegation expressed satisfaction with what has been done and the it was noted that Germany plays an important role in the field of renewable energy projects.